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Hi!  I’m Anna!

I’m a social media research analyst, voice talent, youth leader, beauty junkie, and a registered nurse. I’ve already had several jobs since I graduated from college, but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life, career-wise. #MillennialProblems 😂😂😂

When it comes to my life purpose, however, it’s already pretty clear to me. I have been called to be a Missionary of Real Love. It sounds cheesy, but as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said, “We live to love and to be loved.” So when in doubt, just love. And just as importantly, always keep love real. This is one of the main topics of my blog so do watch out for my posts on this

As for my family background, I’m a daughter of a King (with a capital K). I’m also a daughter to my earthly parents, whom I love to bits, and a sister to a thoughtful brother. I’m not yet a wife or a mother, but I do dream of becoming both someday, and together with my future husband, raise little saints. But maybe that’s still in the distant future (or maybe it’s already in the near future? Only God knows. Ha, ha! *tries not to be overly hopeful*)

In my free time, I enjoy watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, going to the spa, shopping (or even just window shopping) for makeup and skin care products, and then using them, of course! That’s my favorite part. Ha, ha! I also love watching movies and going on a food trip with my boyfriend, or just hanging out with my family or friends.

I started this blog primarily to have an outlet for my thoughts, reflections, and kaartehan. Ha, ha! I also wish to make new friends and meet Pinay millennials like me, who see the good and the beautiful in our modern times and in tradition, as well. It doesn’t have to be just one or the other, you know. Why choose only one when you can have the right mix of both? 😉

Thanks for stopping by! Stay classy!