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Seeing these St. Ives sheet masks at a local drugstore was a welcome surprise. It’s been a while since I last used St. Ives products. The last time was probably more than 10 years ago already and I was still a student in college. So using the Apricot sheet mask (with its classic St. Ives apricot—albeit, artificial—scent) somehow made me feel nostalgic😁 Anyhow, here are my quick thoughts about their three sheet masks:

Very good fit and adherence!

The first thing I noticed with these masks was the quality of the sheet mask itself. It was surprisingly soft yet sturdy, and had very good fit and adherence. As for the ingredient lists, I didn’t notice anything that should be a cause for concern. And among the ones they had in common were great humectants Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate, so I found them all to be hydrating, though at varying degrees. They also contained Allantoin, a skin-soothing and skin-conditioning agent. There were ingredients unique to each mask, though, so they all performed a little differently from each other, and so I’m going to have to comment on them one by one:

🔶 St. Ives Glowing Apricot Sheet Mask – This is my favorite of the three. This was the only variant that contained Niacinamide, so no wonder it was also the only one that had a noticeable brightening effect. So yes, it did live up to its name. It was also the only variant that contained Vitamin E, as well as apricot fruit extract (although this was the second to the last ingredient). I liked how to made my skin look more radiant and kinda bouncy. It did leave a slightly tacky finish and took a while to absorb, so I’m gonna save this one for bedtime masking. Full Ingredient List

🔶 St. Ives Revitalizing Acai, Blueberry & Chia Seed Oil Mask – This was the least I liked among the three. The essence was just waaaay too runny it accidentally dripped into my eye. Good thing it didn’t contain any alcohol, though, so it did not sting (now should I really be grateful for this?😆😂). This mask contained the most fruit and flower extracts, but there was nothing really notable about it. It was fairly hydrating and did not have a sticky finish at all, so it must be okay for daytime masking. However, I’ve seen similar benefits from other more affordable masks. Full Ingredient List

🔶 St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal Mask – This was indeed a soothing mask, which I enjoyed. It also seemed more hydrating than the Revitalizing mask, though not as moisturizing as the Apricot one. I liked that it contained hyaluronic acid, hydrolized hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera leaf polysaccharides. Full Ingredient List

All three masks contain fragrance, though it’s last on the ingredient list. They all smell pleasant for me and I don’t really mind fragrance as long as it’s found toward the end of the IL.

These masks retail for P89 (US$1.69) each, which I think is a reasonable price, considering their performance. I will most likely repurchase the Apricot mask, and probably also the Oatmeal mask for times when my skin needs extra soothing. But I won’t be repurchasing the Revitalizing mask for reasons I already mentioned above.

Have you tried any of these masks before? How did you like them?😊