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This THE SAEM Cover Perfection Tip Concealer is one of the gems I discovered through this community. I got (i.e., hoarded) it in the deepest shade (No. 2 Rich Beige) and it’s just the perfect concealer for the area under my eyes. It has medium-to-full coverage and looks natural on my medium skin with yellow undertone (See photo below for how it looks on my undereye area, though the photo doesn’t really do it justice; it looks better in person!). It seems to be color-correcting and brightening, too. I like that it blends easily even with just my fingers; you guys know I love makeup that can be applied without the need for tools/applicators. It adheres well, doesn’t need powder to set, doesn’t become patchy, streaky or cake-y, doesn’t settle in my fine lines, has UV filters (SPF 28 PA++), and above all, it’s very affordable. It retails for only P200 (US$3.80) on Althea Korea, P260 ($4.95) on Style Korean, and P350 ($6.63) on Beauty MNL. I especially like using this concealer on my foundation-free days, as it’s enough to make me look presentable (as opposed to looking like a zombie due to my dark circles). However, I don’t use it for spot-concealing (dark spots/acne marks), since this color is too light for that. Also, I prefer pot concealers with a thicker consistency for spot-concealing. This one has a creamy (but not runny) consistency, which I find just perfect for concealing dark circles around the eyes and/or highlighting parts of my face. Do note, though, that I have oily skin, so I’m not sure if this would perform the same way on other skin types. I’ve also read some good reviews about it from normal- and dry-skinned peeps, though there were a few who said it was too matte for their dry skin. For oily skin, though, I think it really is “Perfection”.