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The first disappointing product of the year, sad to say, comes from a brand I love. I had high hopes for this product because it is Dr. Jart… I mean, this brand is known for its effective and scientifically designed skincare. But then makeup is somewhat a different game, and I understand Dr. Jart probably wanted to incorporate the power of their skincare technology into their makeup, but the makeup just did not work, at least for me.

This Dr. Jart Dermakeup Fit Cushion is supposed to be a BB cushion that soothes and moisturizes the skin, while providing enough coverage to conceal imperfections. It has a lot of great ingredients, such as niacinamide and vitamin C for brightening; panthenol, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid for moisturizing; ceramides and centella asiatica extract for healing and strengthening the skin barrier; and zinc oxide and sodium benzoate for fighting off acne. It also contains calamine, which is a soothing ingredient and a matting agent. This is actually marketed as a BB cushion for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Like most other cushions, the Dr. Jart Dermakeup Fit Cushion also offers good UV protection, with its SPF50+ PA+++.

Dr. Jart Dermakeup Fit Cushion Full Ingredient List

It all sounded good in theory that’s why I bought it at its regular price (a thing I rarely do). However, when I already applied it to my face, it just appeared white and flat out matte. I couldn’t find the word to describe it best, but my fiance helped me out. He said I looked like a geisha. And I totally agreed! If you look at my photo here with the Dr. Jart BB cushion on the left side on my face, I’m sure you would agree, too. This is such a strange finish for a cushion. I mean, I have tried several other cushions before, and there were more misses than hits, but none of them had this lifeless, corpse-like finish (probably due to the cool undertone) haha! I don’t mean to be mean to Dr. Jart, but that’s simply how it looks, and hopefully this feedback would help them improve their next BB cushion. I understand that the idea was for it to have a matte finish, but this one has a powdery matte finish that did not blend into the skin at all. It was grainy and parts of my skin could peek through, so it did not look natural at all. A far cry from the before and after photos in their marketing materials.

Sorry I had to cover my eyes because I looked hideous haha!


Another con, which is not unique to this brand anyway, is the lack of shade range. Most Korean cushion brands have only two shades: light and medium (no. 21 and no. 23), although some are adding more, like a no. 25 and no. 27. For this Dr. Jart Dermakeup Fit Cushion, I picked the second shade (Medium), since I have medium skin tone, but it still ended up being a total mismatch. And it wasn’t the kind of mismatch that you could work with (by contouring and highlighting), because it was like I had a white cast all over my face; just imagine how you would contour and highlight on a geisha’s face. It just can’t be done.

This is the second consecutive disappointing BB cushion I’ve tried in two months (the last one was the Missha Glow Tension Cushion; see my post dated 30 Dec 2018). Good thing the next cushion I tried after the Dr. Jart one was already a (TOTAL) hit! In fact, I feel like I’ve already found the best cushion ever with that one. Watch out for my review on it! ^_^

This Dr. Jart Dermakeup Fit Cushion retails for $44 on Style Korean. It even comes with refill, but too bad I won’t be using it anymore.