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When I first posted about Blithe last month, several people commented on how they loved Blithe’s pressed serums, with a few specifically mentioning this Tundra Chaga variant. I was surprised because the only product I knew to be popular from Blithe was their Patting Splash Mask (which I will review next). Apparently this Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum* has a lot of fans, and now I know why! After doing a little research, I found that its key ingredient, Chaga (66%), was a type of mushroom. But it’s no ordinary mushroom; it’s actually the kind that grows wildly in the Tundra areas, which have the coldest climates and harshest, dry weathers. Therefore, this Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum is supposed to also make the skin more resilient, more hydrated, and more firm. It actually falls under the “anti-aging” category, which is great because recently I’ve been appreciating the effects of “anti-aging” skincare. Apparently, the early signs of skin aging start to become more obvious once you’ve hit 30 (at least in my case).

Since this is a pressed serum, it combines the concentrations and actives of a serum and the moisturizing properties of a moisturizer. This is yet another hybrid product from Blithe. It seems Blithe is really into multitasking products, which are supposed to simplify our skincare routines. This would be great for women who prefer shorter routines. Prior to now, I didn’t know about pressed serums, so I was confused about how to use this product. I was thinking, it was supposed to be a serum, but it has the consistency of a moisturizer, so how was I supposed to use it? Eventually I learned that I’ve been using it right (what a relief haha!). I would use it as the last step before by SPF at daytime, and also as the last step before my sleeping mask at bedtime. Surprisingly, despite being a hybrid product, it did not feel underwhelming. I do feel like I can skip the separate serum and moisturizer steps of my routine whenever I use this product. I do notice its hydrating and firming effects, too. At first I was afraid (I was petrified) that its natural caramel color (the color of the Chaga mushroom) would darken my skin tone, but it did not. As it melted into my skin, it turned into a clear, lightweight lotion, which left my skin soft, silky, and bouncy. It also was neither heavy nor sticky.

Also, since a little goes a long way, I think this gives one great value for money. Again, I would purchase in the future if it’s on sale (you know me, guys, I hardly ever buy skincare at their regular prices haha!). I would recommend this for people like me, whose skin is already starting to show early signs of aging, such as a dull skin tone, dryness (in certain areas), and fine lines.

This 50mL product retails for USD40 (PHP2,100) on Style Korean.

Full ingredient list from CosDNA: