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Whyyyy?? Why did I discover balm cleansing just now?? I mean, I’ve been into k-beauty for more than a year now and all along I’ve been missing out on the goodness of cleansing balms??😱 And I wouldn’t have even given it a try if this cleansing balm weren’t on sale haha!! I’m so happy I discovered this product! I fell in love with it upon first use, and I literally look forward to using it every time I wear makeup. I’m just amazed by how easily this balm melts off my makeup and how easily it washes off, without leaving behind any residue, while still keeping my skin hydrated (and even soft!)😍 I feel like I already like it better than all of the cleansing oils I’ve tried. The only downside I can think of is for people who prefer all-natural skincare products, because this balm contains non-natural (but safe) ingredients, which you know I personally don’t mind. I think it’s easier to formulate cleansing oils with all-natural ingredients. But again, I have no problem with products containing non-natural ingredients, as long as they’re safe and gentle. Also, I found out that this Banila Co Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm that I bought was already the reformulated version. They have removed parabens and mineral oil in this formula. And again, I have no issue with parabens and cosmetic-grade mineral oil, but I understand why the brand made the move, considering all the anti-paraben, anti-mineral oil marketing around. What I would have preferred, though, is if they just didn’t add any artificial fragrance. But the scent is nice and is very faint (the scent reminds me of the time I worked as a nurse trainer because it smells like the makeup I used to wear back then: Maybelline’s Mineral Power Powder Foundation). Also, it’s a wash-off product anyway, so a little fragrance is fine. Another thing worth mentioning is the packaging of this product. There’s room for the spatula on the lid, so I can just place it there and not misplace it all the time😁

So, would I recommend this product? Absolutely!! Would I repurchase? Conditional yes! I’m going to try the Heimish All Clean Balm first and see which is better. I’ll re/purchase whichever is better between the two😁