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This Leegeehaam HOPE 5α Control Cream is currently my go-to daytime moisturizer, because of all the moisturizers I currently use in rotation, this one is the most lightweight and non-greasy. I love how hydrating it is despite its being lightweight. I also like that I can still feel a certain degree of occlusiveness without it suffocating my skin. It truly delivers on its promise of helping control shine while hydrating and nourishing the skin. And oh, it has a soothing effect, too, that’s why I also reach out for it whenever my skin is acting up.

Unlike my other lightweight moisturizers, this doesn’t seem to add any shine to my face. This effect is instantly noticeable upon application. I particularly like using it after a long skincare routine because it serves as this thin layer that seals everything in, while cancelling out some of the shine from all the products I layered on earlier. It should be noted, however, that it doesn’t leave my skin flat-out matte because it is still a moisturizer, not a primer. It helps control shine, but does not completely get rid of it– and for me, this is a good thing because I don’t like my skin looking dull or flat.



Notable Ingredients:

❤️Glycerin (2nd on the ingredient list) – a great humectant.
❤️Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (7th) – soothes and relieves acne/troubled skin.
❤️Centella Asiatica Extract (8th) – also a soothing/healing ingredient; one of my favorite skincare ingredients of all time!
❤️Witch Hazel (16th) – minimizes the appearance of pores.

This cream also contains numerous other ingredients to hydrate & condition the skin and fight free radicals (See full ingredient list below).




💕Quickly absorbed
💕Controls oil/shine (Keyword: control, not eliminate) throughout the day
💕Contains several great and good ingredients
💕A little goes a long way
💕Mineral oil-free
💕Alcohol-free (Note: There are good alcohols and bad alcohols. Alcohol-free means the product is free from bad alcohols.)


▪️Did not come with a spatula.
▪️Expensive. It retails for PHP2,250/US$42 on local online stores.
▪️Contains fragrance (if you don’t like fragrance in skincare), though it’s last on the ingredient list.


I think this product would be best for people with oily-dehydrated skin, who prefer a short but effective routine. This product is quite multitasking; it’s hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, and oil-controlling. Thus for these people, I think spending P2,250 on a highly effective moisturizer would be worth it.

But in my case, I use numerous other products to balance out my skin’s oil production, increase hydration, and soothe my skin, so I don’t feel the need to splurge on a single item to do all of these. As I mentioned before, I prefer customizing my long routines depending on my skin’s ever-changing needs. So I think I’m just going to enjoy this product while it lasts.

Thank you, Leegeehaam, for providing this product for review!