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The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Solution Kit


[Warning: Graphic description of spot extraction ahead πŸ˜…]


As I mentioned in my Instagram stories five days ago, I had this ginormous zit last week and it was the largest one I’ve had yet. It has actually been there (on my smile line, somewhere in the area between my cheek and chin) for quite a while, but it was small and “dormant”, before it suddenly grew so big. And I blame it on that one time I fell asleep with my makeup on ☹️ The following day, it became “active” (I feel like I’m talking about volcanoes here πŸ˜‚). But it was still a blind pimple then. I remembered what I had previously read about how applying warm compress would help make a blind pimple come to a head, so I did that, and the following day, I saw it grow even bigger, like it was really red, swollen and painful, it was scary. I panicked. But at least it had already come to a head and was even ready to pop on its own.

I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos of the Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Solution Kit from The Face Shop because, as I said, I panicked, so I immediately washed my face, and prepared for spot extraction. There were sanitizing pads in the kit, which I used for disinfecting my skin and also for disinfecting the extraction tool. The extraction tool was really helpful, as I didn’t have to touch my face with my bare hands. One thing I should have done, though, was apply ice first, to at least lessen the swelling before extraction (and thereby lessen the bloodiness πŸ˜…). So yeah, it was a bit bloody and it was still a bit inflamed after extraction. So after extraction, I disinfected the wound again before applying one of the hydrocolloid bands. I’ve used hydrocolloid bands before, so I knew how they worked (and they work pretty darn well in healing popped pimples). I replaced the bands twice a day for the next two days (even when I went to the mall, I had a band on my zit because I really didn’t want it to get infected). The hydrocolloid bands sucked a lot of gunk out of the zit and quickly reduced the swelling. Now it’s already dry and closed, but it’s not yet completely flattened. I’m afraid it might just resurrect one day 😞

I’m currently applying Mamonde’s BHA patches on it. Sometimes I also use the Spot Calming Ampoule in the Dr. Belmeur kit.Β The scar is quite bad, though ☹️ But I can conceal it with Etude House’s Big Cover Pot Concealer.

All in all, I find this Dr. Belmeur kit a lifesaver. It made spot extraction a lot easier and cleaner! All the necessary materials were in the kit, so in case of emergencies like mine, all you have to do is get this kit out of the cabinet and apply first aid to a ready-to-pop pimple.

My only problem right now is how to get rid of the scar and completely flatten it πŸ˜₯ It looks like I’m going to have to use my Vitamin C serum more religiously.


I wasn’t able to take photos when I newly opened it, so as you can see here, I’ve already used a lot of the hydrocolloid bandages.


The Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Solution Kit contains 20 sanitizing pads for disinfecting the wound and the spot extractor.


The sanitizing pad is made of non-woven fabric soaked in ethanol.


This double loop extractor is made of stainless steel. I used the lower end for my huge pimple. I just pressed it lightly against the pimple to draw the gunk out.


I make sure my hands are clean whenever I use this spot treatment, because as you can see, it’s in a dropper packaging. I don’t want to use cotton swabs because they will absorb the product. I’ve been using this on the closed wound because it has not yet completely flattened.