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I wasn’t really happy with this Wedding Dress Mask Pack by Milky Dress, which is a pity because the material of the mask sheet is really good. It’s made of microfiber and it adhered very well on my skin. The fit was almost perfect, if not for the part between the eyes, which is a common problem with many sheet masks, anyway. I just cut that part (as you can see in the photo) to improve the fit. But what I really didn’t like with this mask is that it didn’t have enough essence. The microfiber sheet was a bit thick so it must have needed more essence to be damp enough. I was worried that it would dry on my skin, so I just wore it for a little more than 10 minutes. And then I applied the Step-2 cream, which was a so-so cream, nothing remarkable about it.Β 

This mask claims to be moisturizing and whitening (i.e., brightening), but sadly, I didn’t find this mask to be moisturizing enough or brightening at all, probably due to the lack of essence and the absence of niacinamide in Step 1 (niacinamide is only in Step 2). I wasn’t impressed by the ingredient list, either. In its description, it brags about having Rice Extract, Punica Granatum Extract, and other botanic ingredients, but these are all towards the end of the ingredient list, with Rice Extract even being the third to the last ingredient in Step 1 and the last ingredient in Step 2 😩

It has a pretty packaging, though, which is honestly the main reason why I bought it 🀣 I bought the 5+1 set because of the packaging πŸ˜‚ Don’t judge a sheet mask by its packaging, I guess.

Obviously with my first impression of this mask, I will most likely not repurchase.

It retails for PHP70 each on Althea Korea.

This is what the Step 2 cream looks like.


You can see the full ingredient list here.


Really nice artwork on the packaging. Step 1 was hard to open, though, I had to cut it open with a pair of scissors πŸ˜‚