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Of the three Christmas boxes Althea released this year, I find that the Gold Sparkling Box has the best curation of products. It has the perfect balance of great skincare items compatible with all skin types and makeup products that suit all Asian skin tones. It has three full-size skincare items, three full-size makeup products, and one skincare sample kit. Unlike some beauty/subscription boxes that contain products I like mixed together with products that I consider as fillers, this Gold Sparkling Box from Althea is all good with no fillers at all ❤️

Let me start with the makeup contents, which first drew my attention to the box. There are two full-size eye shadow palettes in this box, and the shades in them are, no doubt, very wearable. I was also thinking that in case the shades were too identical with the ones I already have in my existing makeup collection, I can simply give the palettes away as gifts to my friends this Christmas, so it would still be worth getting the box. Aside from these two eye shadow palettes, the box also contains a much-raved-about lipstick, which I’ve been wanting to try but couldn’t get myself to because it’s pricier than what I am willing to pay for a lipstick. So it’s good that I’ll get to try it from this box without having to pay for the full price.


1. Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette (Day Drink)



I’d like to comment on the packaging of these palettes first, because I think it’s really worth mentioning. I normally use a separate and bigger mirror when I do my makeup and I hardly ever use the free tiny applicators in eye shadow palettes, so I appreciate that this palette’s packaging is very basic, with no mirror or tiny applicators. It’d be great for traveling. The see-through cover also gives a clear view of all the shades inside.

Now, as for the shades in this palette, there’s a total of six, with 1.5 grams of each. There are three mattes, two glitters and one shimmer. Here are the swatches:



Bacardi – glitter type, sparkly rose gold shade, could be an all-over lid color or outer third color
Malibu – matte type, sugar cookie shade, base shade for all over the lid
Cognac– shimmer type, pecan shade, could be an all-over lid color or outer third color
Kahlua – matte type, medium brown shade, transition/crease color
Champagne – glitter type, sparkly champagne shade, could be an all-over lid color, or lower lash liner
Vodka Espresso – matte type, deep brown shade, could be a liner or an outer “V” color


2. Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette (Wine Burgundy)




This has the same design, size and packaging as the Day Drink palette. Below are the swatches:


Gold Clutch – glittery yellow gold, all-over lid color
Nude Chiffon – matte peach, transition/crease color
Burgundy Heel – satin burgundy, could be an all-over lid color or outer third color
Rose Satin – satin baby pink, all-over lid color (my favorite shade in this palette)
Cappuccino Velvet –  matte gingerbread, transition/crease color
Wine Silk – satin wine, for the outer “V” color

I originally intended to give this away because I thought the shades were very similar to those in the Etude House Wine Party Palette, which I already have, but after swatching them, I realized they were all quite different! Check out the comparison of the swatches below:


As you can see, the gold shade in the Chica-Y-Chico palette is shimmery and almost foiled and it’s also more yellow than the one in the Etude House palette, while the latter is more glittery and rose gold in color.

The burgundy shade in the Chica-Y-Chico palette is satin type, while the one in the Etude House palette is shimmery.

The purple shade in the Chica-Y-Chico palette is more of a wine color with a satin finish, while the one in the Etude House palette is a matte plum.

As for my favorite shades from each palette. The satin pink shade in the Chica-Y-Chico palette is just plain baby pink, while the one in the Etude House palette is more of a satin rose gold with a hint of coral.


3. Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-tick (Stealer)



This claims to be a 5-in-1 product: a lipstick, lip balm, lip treatment, lip plumper, and lip tint. But what I like about it the most is the way it feels on my lips. It feels cool like mint but it doesn’t sting like most lip plumpers do. It does add just a bit of volume, but I don’t think it’s meant to work primarily as a lip plumper, so don’t expect Bratz lips with this.

The second best thing I like about this lipstick is its moisturizing properties. I love moisturizing lipsticks, especially the ones that have great ingredients. This one from Nakeup Face contains rose hip fruit oil, macadamia seed oil, cacao seed butter, and jojoba seed oil! And yes, I can really feel them moisturizing my lips.

This lipstick has a creamy finish when freshly applied, but after a couple of hours it seems to turn matte. The color fades throughout the day, but instead of disappearing completely, it simply fades into a nice tint. I do have a choice whether to reapply it or to just keep the tinted appearance. Anyway, I personally do not mind reapplying my lipstick especially when the packaging is this pretty.

The only thing people might not like about this lipstick, though, is that it transfers easily. This, however, is expected of regular cream-type lipsticks. And oh, don’t expect it to be super pigmented with just one swipe, as it’s the kind of lipstick that you have to build up. It may appear patchy upon first swipe, but you just have to add a few more layers until the color becomes solid.

The shade Stealer looks very different in the product poster than in person. In the poster it looks like a peachy nude, but in person it’s actually a bright coral! It’s a beautiful color, nevertheless.


Here’s what the Day Drink Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette looks like together with Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-tick:



Now, on to skincare! As I mentioned earlier, this box contains three full size skincare items, and they all contain gold as one of the main ingredients. I have read that gold-infused skincare products have numerous benefits, primarily in terms of anti-aging and brightening.

4. Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch



I love hydrogel masks, that’s why I’m glad these eye and spot patches from Petitfee are made of hydrogel. They feel cool on the skin and fit the face perfectly. Hydrogel masks are better than your regular cloth sheet masks in terms of hydration, absorption, locking in moisture and achieving lasting results. These hydrogel patches from Petitfee are supposed to brighten and firm the eye area. The gold ingredient is responsible for the brightening, while the EGF firms skin and promotes cell renewal. It also contains black pearl collagen and amino acids that make the skin more plump and radiant.

The only trouble I find with the eye patches is that their C-shape cannot entirely cover the under-eye area.  But perhaps cutting the patches in half with a clean pair of scissors will do the trick. The tub also contains round hydrogel patches for other areas that may need brightening (e.g. hyper-pigmentation, acne scars).



Full Ingredient List:



5. Leaguertox Gold Foil See-Through Illumination Mask


This is a two-step mask meant for anti-aging (Step 1) and brightening (Step 2).

Step 1: From the product description of this mask, I thought it was designed for mature skin because it talked so much about one of its ingredients, Argireline, which is known for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8, also known as Argireline, is one of the top anti-aging ingredients out there. Argireline is a synthetic peptide, which is a fragment of SNAP-25. SNAP-25 is a substrate of Botulinum toxin, better known as Botox. In other words, Argireline is like Botox, minus the injections. Some people call it “Botox in a jar”. I did a little research on this ingredient and found that although it does yield great results in terms of reducing wrinkles, over-using it could result in skin sagging. Upon looking at the ingredient list of this mask, however, I noticed that Argireline is only included in the Water Light Spot patches (Step 1) but not in the sheet mask itself. The Water Light Spot patches are meant to go only on the smile lines, apple zones (a.k.a. blusher zones) and C-zones (the outer corner of the eyes where crow’s feet would appear), which makes sense because these are the areas where wrinkles or fine lines would normally appear first. Argireline is also at the bottom part of the ingredient list, so it looks like there’s no chance of over-using this ingredient here at all. You can even skip Step 1 altogether if you want, but personally I see no harm doing Step 1 since Argireline is good in small amounts. There are four strips in the package, which you’re supposed to stick on your face before putting the sheet mask on later. It’s going to melt under the mask.



Step 1


Step 2: The material of this mask is a soft translucent cloth with a network of gold hexagons printed on it. According to the product description, this mask is a “patented and certified thermal reflection sheet”, which is supposed to warm up the skin to promote blood circulation, thereby improving the absorption of the mask’s ampoule. The ampoule is thick in consistency and is apparently packed with numerous plant and fruit extracts! Not counting purified water, the top five ingredients are Glycerin, Niacinamide, Brown Algae Extract, Fireweed Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract and Common Purslane Extract. The mask is literally soaked in the ampoule, which is so abundant, there is more than enough for my face, neck and even my arms! 😂

Glycerin is a humectant that works to moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin’s outer layer, and then forms a protective layer to prevent moisture loss.

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid, restores the skin, improves the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface.

Also known as algae or brown algae, Ascophyllum Nodosum is a form of seaweed that contains 14 vitamins, 16 amino acids and sea water minerals similar to those found in human tissue. It soothes irritated skin and boosts circulation to promote cell renewal and the elimination of impurities.

Epilobium Angustifolium (Fireweed) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract and Portulaca Oleracea (Common Purslane) Extract both have soothing and antioxidant effects on the skin.

The mask also contains White-Ca, which is a melanin-inhibitory substance that promotes skin brightening and prevents skin darkening caused by the sun’s UV rays. It also has Hyaluronic Acid, which moisturizes the skin by drawing water into it and preventing moisture loss.




Step 2. Don’t you just love the design of this mask? It’s so Instagram-worthy. Haha! ^_^


Right after using this mask last night, I immediately noticed that my skin was brighter, softer, and smoother. The effects are still visible as of this writing.

Full Ingredient List:

Screenshot from Althea Korea's website

Screenshot from Althea Korea’s website


6. Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream (50mL)



Just like the two other skincare products in the box, this cream works to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It contains 24K Gold (anti-aging and brightening), Propolis extract (an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent), Shea Butter (nourishing and moisturizing), Niacinamide (moisturizing and brightening), and Adenosine (anti-wrinkle, soothing and skin-restoring agent).


Sorry, guys, I can’t swatch this product for you because I’m giving it to my dad, who is also a skincare junkie himself. Like father, like daughter? 😂

Full Ingredient List:

Screenshot from Althea Korea's website

Screenshot from Althea Korea’s website


Based on the price list below, the overall value of Althea’s Gold Sparkling Box, excluding the free sample kit from Missha, is P2,920. But it retails for only P1,330! That’s a total of P1,590 in savings and the products included are all great and usable.  I even got a 10% off voucher for my next purchase. I’m surely giving this box a five-star rating.


Price List

1. Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette (Day Drink) – P580
2. Chica-Y-Chico One Shot Eye Palette (Wine Burgundy) – P580
3. Nakeup Face C-Cup Lip Tox-tick (Stealer) – P660
4. Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch – P460
5. Leaguertox Gold Foil See-Through Illumination Mask – P160 (but currently on sale for P50)
6. Onsaemeein Lumiere Gold Daily Cream – P480


Freebie: Missha Gold Snow Line Skincare Sample Kit

If it’s your first time to shop at Althea, follow this link to get your P350 Gift (P200 off on your first purchase + P150 rebate). Enjoy!!😉