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I often buy Althea’s exclusive boxes, where they curate several products from various K-beauty brands based on a theme. But then, by the time I finish writing a review for these boxes, they would have already been sold out. The really good ones sell like pancakes, like the Wanderlust Box, which was sold out in less than 24 hours (Good thing I was fast, I was able to get myself one! Whew!).

What I decided to do with these boxes now is to try out the contents for a while (say, for a day, a week or a month), and then let you know which of them are worth buying individually at their regular prices– like a Hit-or-Miss or Yay-or-Nay kind of review. I think you’ll find this more useful than if I just show you a haul. I feel like a haul post will just make you feel bad when the box is so good, but it’s already out of stock by the time you see the post. I know how that feels and yea, it sucks.

My first Hits and Misses review will be on this Althea Box #30 or Dried Rose Box, which is one of my favorite Althea Boxes. It contains five full-size products and a sample of Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit. It was sold for P1,330. I ordered mine on September 18, 2017 and it arrived eight days later (Althea ships in 10-15 business days).

Here are the box’s contents and my thoughts on them:



1. Bare Blanc Moisture Lock Foundation in Sand (no.23)

Regular Price: 23,200 South Korean Won (KRW) or P1,068 on Bare Blanc’s official website (Currently unavailable on Althea)
The Verdict: Not Bad
It’s neither a hit nor a miss for me, because I feel like this foundation would have been a hit for those with dry skin. I actually like its glowy, dewy finish, but it’s just too moist for my oily skin. I also like its mess-free and hygienic packaging (see photo) and that it has SPF 30 PA++. The only problem, really, is that it makes oily skin look overly dewy. I tried setting it with powder but it didn’t look good; it emphasized texture and made my skin appear dull, so it probably wasn’t meant to be set with powder. I’d say the coverage is only light to medium, so I would not recommend it to those who have fresh/dark acne scars. But if you have normal to dry skin with zero to minor blemishes, I think this foundation will look really good on you and give you that perfect “Chok Chok” skin.



UPDATE: I found a way to make this foundation work for my oily skin today. I used my Innisfree No-Sebum Powder Cream (not to be confused with the Mineral Powder one) as primer before applying the foundation, and then after I’ve applied the rest of my makeup, I sprayed on my W-Lab Sebum Out Oil Control Mist, instead of setting it with powder. And it worked! The foundation did not appear too dry or too moist. It just had the right amount of dewiness to it, though the coverage was still the same (light to medium). But at least, it won’t go to waste. Turns out I’ll be able to use this product after all. 😊


Innisfree No-Sebum Powder Cream (used as primer, not included in the Dried Rose Box)


W-Lab Sebum Out Oil Control Mist (used as finishing spray, instead of using a finishing powder; not included in the Dried Rose Box)


2. A.Concept Water Cheek Blusher in Miss Me

Regular Price: P580 on Althea
The Verdict: Miss
The shade of this blusher looks so good in the bottle but the product practically disappears once applied to the skin. The water-like formula makes it difficult to control and work with, I ended up spreading it beyond the area I wanted to apply blush on. I also feel that this is not supposed to be applied on top of any foundation (even dewy ones, like the Bare Blanc Moisture Lock Foundation) because it literally erases the foundation. I had to re-apply my foundation and just skip this blusher altogether. It does give a hint of color when applied on bare skin, but it only lasts a very short time.



3. Etude House Play Color Eyes Wine Party

Regular Price: P1,230 on Althea
The Verdict: A big HIT!
Obviously, this is the main reason why I bought this box. I am so loving this palette because it contains the colors I would normally wear everyday. The packaging is not bulky, plus I can create complete eye looks with it, so it’s also great for traveling. It has enough variety of shades that I can mix and match for daytime and nighttime looks. The lightest matte shade, Camembert Brie Cheese,  can be used as a base after primer. I use the light brown (The Last Leaf) and/or mauve (Oak Barrel) matte shades as my transition colors. My favorite all-over lid color is Marathon (sixth from the left); it’s like a peachy-pink-coral shade that has a foiled finish. And then I use the next two shades beside it, Wine Burgundy (also a foiled shade) and Soulmate (a matte), on the outer corners of my eyes to deepen the look. I use the sparkly gold shade, Bling, on my inner corners. I sometimes use Rose Sparkling Holic on top of my all-over lid color for a sparkly effect. The darkest matte shadow, Bordeaux Wine, can be used as a liner. Some of these eye shadows are powdery, though, so do expect some fall out when you apply them.



4. Aritaum Satin Pencil Lip Lacquer in #02 Dry Bouquet

Regular Price: P380 on Althea
The Verdict: Hit
The first thing I liked about this lip lacquer is its ultra slim applicator, which allows for easy and precise application. It’s a mousse-y formula that goes on smooth on the lips and has a semi-matte finish. This is exactly the kind of formula and finish I personally prefer. My other all-time favorite drugstore lipstick, Maybelline’s Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in MAT12, has quite a similar formula to this one. The color does fade throughout the day, but it doesn’t completely disappear. It just fades into a lighter shade of red that looks more natural. I even like it better that way, so what I do is, I blot my lips a few times after applying this lip color. It’s like an MLBB shade, only redder.



5. With Shyan Nail Lacquer (Solid Line) #069 Hello Autumn

Regular Price: P160 on Althea
The Verdict: Hit
This is a very pretty rose-brown shade, as you can see in the photo. But I think it will look better on those with a lighter skin tone, so I gave it to my mom and she liked it. The quality is also pretty good for the price.



Freebie: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Care Kit

The Verdict: Hit
It’s a hit for me because I’ve been using the full-size Jeju Volcanic scrub and I like it for its oil-control and mild exfoliating properties. The Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner, which is also supposed to control excessive oil, has been getting a lot of good reviews. And yea, they provided free cotton pads, too. 😛



The overall value of the box is P3,418.
But it was sold for only P1,330.
So the total discount was P2,088. That was quite a steal!