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I’ve been using a lot of Nuxe skin care products for almost a year now, but I’ve been too overwhelmed just thinking of writing about them because I know it’s going to be much longer than my normal reviews. Half of my skin care routine right now comprises Nuxe products. The other half are K-beauty products. I’ve ran out of Nuxe cleansing gel and toner, but some of my moisturizers, night cream, eye cream, sleeping mask, lip balm are all Nuxe. I bought most of them when they were on sale because they’re a bit expensive at their regular prices.

Before I go into detail with each product, let me first give you an overview of Nuxe, in case this is the first time you’re hearing about the brand. Nuxe is a French brand that uses ingredients extracted from plants, especially from flowers. They even indicate in their product label the percentage of ingredients that are of natural origin. The facial products I’m using right now have ingredients of natural origin ranging from 89.3% to 97.8% (I will specify this for each product later on). Since the main ingredients are flowers, the products smell like flowers, too! This makes them unsuitable for those who are allergic to fragrance. But then, a lot of their products are specifically formulated for sensitive skin, so even if you are normally sensitive to fragranced skincare products, the Nuxe ranges for sensitive skin (e.g. Rose Petals range, Crème Fraîche® de Beauté range and Rêve de Miel® range) may be suitable for you as long as you are not allergic to fragrance. Apparently, allergy and sensitivity are two different things, and fortunately, I am neither allergic nor sensitive to fragrance. In fact, I find floral fragrances therapeutic and relaxing, that’s why I enjoy using my Nuxe products. They are also paraben-free.

Just a few months of using Nuxe, I already noticed that my skin has started feeling softer and looking healthier, hydrated, and more radiant. I also haven’t been breaking out as often as I used to. I am loving their soothing & moisturizing range (Crème Fraîche® de Beauté) and their anti-fatigue & anti-oxidant range (Crème Prodigieuse®).

Now I’m going to share with you my Top 5 favorite Nuxe products, and then later on I’m going to talk about the rest. I love all of the Nuxe products I’ve tried, but the following just happens to be the best, in my opinion, and the ones I am most likely to repurchase even at their regular prices:

My Top 5 Favorites

1. Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Purpose Dry Oil


This holy grail product is my entry point into the beautiful world of Nuxe. I use it for my face, body and hair. I have already written a review exclusively for this in an earlier post, so you can just check it out if you’re looking for a more comprehensive review. The one I’m using right now is their old formula, but recently for my birthday, my brother gave me the one with the new formula! I haven’t used it yet, so I still can’t tell what the difference is, except that it now has the company logo embossed on the bottle cap. Also, the old formula had 97.8% ingredients of natural origin, including six precious plant oils (Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borrage, Almond, Camellia and St. John’s Wort), while the new one now has 98.1% ingredients of natural origin, including the six aforementioned oils, plus two more: Argan and Tsubaki oils. I can’t wait to start using the new formula! But for now, I’ll just let the old formula continue doing its awesome job at keeping my skin soft, nourished and smelling great!

Regular Price [Old Formula]: P1,750.00; Regular Price [New Formula]: P2,150.00
Sale Price When I Bought It [Old Formula]: P875.00 (50% off)


2. Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Moisturizing Mask (Longer Name: 24HR Soothing and Hydrating Fresh Mask)



This is one of the cheapest among Nuxe’s products, but it does wonders for my skin! Although it’s a face mask, it’s actually very much like a creamy moisturizer that sort of melts into the skin. After leaving it on overnight, I notice the following day that my skin is a lot softer and plumper, probably due to “intensive moisturization” that it claims to do. It’s also able to sooth my skin when I experience any itchiness or sensitivity. And because I often use it as a sleeping mask and apply a thick layer of it on my face in a single use, I go through it pretty quickly, so I already bought two extra tubes as backup. That’s how anxious I am about running out of this product. 😂

90.4 % ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Plant Milks, White Blossom, Almond, Aloe Vera Sap, Salicornia
Regular Price: P1,150.00
Sale Price When I Bought It: P460.00 (60% off!!)


3. Nuxellence® DETOX Anti-aging Night Serum



This one is perhaps one of the most expensive in the Nuxe line, that’s why I use it sparingly. It’s supposed to be applied every night before night cream or sleeping mask, but I just use it every other day so it doesn’t run out too quickly. I like using it alternately with my sleeping mask. It claims to make skin look revived, fresh and radiant in the morning, as though you’ve had two extra hours of sleep! And I did notice this effect whenever I used it. This anti-aging night serum has 10 patents that are supposed to act at the heart of skin cells to boost skin purification and cell renewal. It has a daytime counterpart, which I haven’t tried yet because it’s always not included in their sale (Remember I only buy when they’re on sale. Ha, ha! 😂) The only downside to this product, perhaps, is the scent, because it’s much stronger and overpowering than the fragrance of the other Nuxe products I’ve tried. But I like how it’s quickly absorbed into the skin so it can layer in between other skincare products without feeling heavy.

92.2% ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Passion Flower, Silk Tree, Anchua, Poppy
Regular Price: P2,750.00
Sale Price When I Bought It: P1,512.50 (45% off)


4. Crème Prodigieuse® Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream



Because my schedule at work is not “normal”, I am prone to having big eye bags and dark eye circles. Prior to using this eye cream, my eyes often looked tired and puffy, but when I made this eye cream part of my skin care regimen, even my friends could not tell when I had pulled an all-nighter! It’s unhealthy to lack sleep, of course, but there are just days when it can’t be avoided. And in those days, I’m really thankful for my Nuxe eye cream because it’s been keeping the eye puffiness and dark circles away, and it has anti-stress and anti-aging effects, too. It’s so good, I’m actually halfway through my second bottle now!

94.6% ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Blue Everlasting Flower, Hyaluronic Acid , Blue Agerate, Cocoa, Botanical Caffeine
Regular Price: P1,250.00
Sale Price When I Bought It: P625.00 (50% off)


5. Rêve de Miel® Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm



I call this “the ultimate” lip balm, because it was the only lip balm that was able to treat my severely dry and chapped lips during the cold season. I’ve tried numerous other lip balms before, but this was the one that worked best. It has concentrated ingredients, like honey and natural oils, and I noticed that it also has sugar-like granules, making it work as a mild lip scrub, as well. I apply it before going to sleep, or just whenever I feel like it. But at daytime, I use the Rêve de Miel® Lip Moisturizing Stick, which is lighter and smoother in texture and can be worn under lipstick.

79.5% of natural origin ingredients
Key Ingredients: Honey, Sunflower Oil, Rosehip, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Grapefruit Essence
Regular Price: P1,250.00
Sale Price When I Bought It: P625.00 (50% off)


There are many other Nuxe products that I am currently using, so I’m going to mention some runners-up here:


Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 24HR Soothing and Moisturising Emulsion



I like this as a lightweight, hydrating daytime moisturizer. I also have the Crème Prodigieuse® Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream (For daytime) but I like the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté moisturizer better because it has a thinner consistency, so it is easier to spread, and is more lightweight than the Crème Prodigieuse®. I also do feel that it keeps my skin hydrated all the time. Meanwhile , the Crème Prodigieuse® moisturizer is more of an anti-stress, anti-oxidant cream and I like to use it when I’m going outdoors and will most likely be exposed to UV rays and pollution. It also has the same luxurious fragrance as the Huile Prodigieuse® Dry Oil.

Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 24HR Soothing and Moisturising Emulsion
89.3% ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Sap, Salicornia, Almon and Orange White Flowers, Rice Powder
Regular Price: P1,750
Sale Price When I Bought It: P700

Crème Prodigieuse® Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Cream
89.3% ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Blue Everlasting Flower, Blue Agerate, Cocoa
Regular Price: P1,450
Sale Price When I Bought It: P725


Crème Fraîche® de Beauté 24HR Soothing and Moisturising Serum



I think I love the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté range, in general. I just wasn’t able to buy the Crème Fraîche® night cream, but it’s actually one of their bestsellers. This serum is the concentrated version of the emulsion, so it provides more intense hydration. You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m all about hydration, hydration, hydration. That’s because hydration is the secret to fresh and supple skin!

94.1% ingredients of natural origin
Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Sap, Salicornia, Almon and Orange White Flowers


Crème Prodigieuse® Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Night Cream



I was torn between this and the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Night Cream, but I decided to buy this one because I just felt like its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties would work better at night. It’s certainly a rich moisturizing cream and it does make my skin look renewed and luminous when I wake up the following day.


Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals



I’ve tried a few other micellar cleansing waters from other brands, but so far I’m liking this one the most. I like that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on the skin and removes face makeup really well, except for mascara. I have to use an oil-based makeup remover for my mascara. This product has 97.4% ingredients of natural origin and rose water is second to water on the ingredient list, so I’m assured that I’m getting all the skincare benefits of rose water. Rose water is like a magic potion for the skin, as it has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. It also helps maintain the skin’s pH balance, cleans pores and tones the skin. The only downside to this product is that it contains alcohol as the fourth ingredient, so you had better use a moisturizer after using it.

That’s all for now, folks. Have you tried anything from the Nuxe skincare line before? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments below.

Nuxe is available at Zalora, Rustan’s, Beauty Bar and some SM Department Stores.