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So apparently, this is how they sell face masks nowadays. I can honestly say that Song Joong-Ki’s face wasn’t the reason why I bought these masks because I haven’t even watched Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) yet, so I really am no fan. But it would have been a different story if it was Lee Min Ho’s face they had plastered there. 😜 Anyway, I was just really curious as to whether this slightly expensive mask was any better than the cheaper masks I’ve tried, like the ones from The Face Shop, Innisfree and Etude House. Aside from that, I was also delighted when I found that these masks were available at a nearby Korean grocery store, where they were sold for only P91 each, compared to Althea where they retailed for P140 each. The Korean grocery store also had six out of the seven variants, while Althea had only three. So there I was, impulse buying galore!

Was it worth it?

I was able to try six of the seven variants of this mask, and I used them in the following order (I used the first five for consecutive days, but I got the Saturday mask a bit later because it was previously unavailable at the Korean grocery store.):

Monday Swallow’s Nest Nutrition Silk Mask
Tuesday Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask
Thursday Teatree Silk Mask
Friday Gold Regenerating Silk Mask
Sunday Pearl Brightening Silk Mask
Saturday Mayu Elastic Silk Mask

The only mask I was unable to try was the Wednesday Caviar Moisture Silk Mask.

All in all, I did not notice any significant difference between these Forencos 7 Days Masks and the cheaper masks I have been using. The material of the Forencos mask was just sturdier and thicker, probably because it was made of cellulose and natural cocoon thread silk, so it did not tear up or stretch easily. There was also more essence (25 ml) than regular face masks (normally just 20 ml).

Although the fit is better than that of cheaper masks, I still had to cut the area between the eye holes, just as I do with my regular face masks, in order to improve the fit around the eye area. I also noticed that the residue of the Forencos masks was stickier compared to regular masks, so it was impossible to leave it on under my moisturizer. I also would not advise leaving the essence on the skin for too long because it begins to smell not very well. It was tolerable, but I would rather wash it off. These are all mildly scented masks, but this is a non-issue for me.

The Forencos 7 Days Masks had all the effects one would expect from a decent face mask: hydrating, moisturizing and brightening. But again, there was not any noteworthy difference from regular face masks. I did not even notice any significant difference among the six variants. And this is a bit disappointing because I was expecting more from a pricier product.

Would I repurchase?

As you would have already guessed, I will not repurchase these masks, simply because there are cheaper ones out there that work just as well. I can’t help but think that the extra bucks you’re paying for are just for Song Joong-Ki’s face on the packaging. But if you’re a DOTS fan or a Song Joong-Ki fan, you’ll probably want to purchase these once and use the packaging as a bookmark or something. I’m actually keeping the packaging of the Forencos masks I’ve used, just in case any of my friends would want to have them. 😉


I have carefully cut the packets open to preserve the design. Haha!

See? I have carefully cut the packets open to preserve the design for you. Haha!