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With my friend and owner of Hair Rehab Las Piñas, Mauri Estrada.

I like supporting my friends’ businesses. I think we all do, especially when the quality of their products or services are at par with the more established names in their respective industries. That’s why I got really excited when I learned that a friend of mine opened his new salon here in Las Piñas. My friend, Mauri Estrada, is a seasoned professional makeup artist and hairstylist who has done work for numerous fashion magazines, beauty pageants, and TV shows. A few months ago, I visited his salon, which I think, was aptly named “Hair Rehab”, as they were literally able to give my hair a rehab. It had been a few years since I last went to a salon for a hair treatment, which was pretty obvious if you saw how dull and dry my hair was. But my biggest problem was the frizz, because I had naturally curly hair. Here’s a photo of my hair before the Keratin treatment:



And here’s what it looked like after Mauri and his team worked their magic on it:


Tadaaaa!!! Like straight out of a shampoo commercial! Ha, ha! I was really happy with the way the treatment had significantly diminished the frizz of my hair and added a lot of shine to it. It looked stick-straight on day one, but after washing it on the third day, my hair had already regained some volume. It was still shiny and almost frizz-free, and really manageable. The Keratin Treatment was not supposed to straighten the hair, by the way. It was just meant to smoothen and strengthen it, and according to Mauri, the effect was supposed to last three months. However, mine lasted only a month and a half because I went to the beaches of Coron and Bohol for two consecutive weeks after the Keratin Treatment (Yikes!). It was already too late when I found out that I should have applied conditioner to my hair before going snorkeling to somehow protect my hair from the salt water.

My mom also had her hair done. She got a hair cut, hair color, and Keratin treatment, as well. Here are her before and after photos:


My mom’s hair, before and after coloring and Keratin treatment.

Needless to say, she loved the outcome, too!

The Place

With its modern and minimalist design and furniture, the salon had more of a professional than homey feel to it. It looked (and smelled) new and was noticeably clean, which germophobics like me would have surely appreciated. It was relatively small, but not cramped. I like how they were able to maximize their space. The salon was also comfortably cool, as it was air-conditioned. They played replays of beauty pageants on their TV, which any beauty addict would have found entertaining.

The Staff

Mauri and his staff were all very kind, accommodating, and sensitive to their client’s needs. I appreciate that they noticed that I was a bit uncomfortable when they were already blow-drying my hair after the treatment product had been washed off. Apparently, the product, when blow-dried, had a slight stinging effect to the eyes, so they immediately took out an electric fan to blow the fumes away. They also made me and my mom wear a medical face mask so we won’t inhale the fumes around. The staff wore face masks, as well. I like how they all seemed to know what they were doing and how they anticipated their client’s needs.

Wearing a face mask during while blow-drying, to protect us from the fumes.

Wearing a face mask during while blow-drying, to protect us from the fumes.


Here's my mom enjoying her free iced tea while having her hair done.

Here’s my mom enjoying her free iced tea while having her hair done.


Finishing touches...

Finishing touches…


The Prices

For my hair, I paid P1,800 for the Keratin treatment, which I think was quite cheap, because the treatment I got was the intense/deep treatment, and not just the leave-in-and-rinse kind.  At Hair Rehab, they use a hair iron to ensure that the product penetrates deep into each hair strand. I didn’t avail of any of their packages, since I just wanted something that would get rid of my frizz. I didn’t plan on getting a haircut, but they advised me to have at least a trim because the ends of my hair were already dry and thin. So they gave me a free haircut, too.

For my mom, we availed of “Package E” or the Color + Keratin Treatment Package worth P2,800. She got a free haircut, as well.

You can visit Hair Rehab at Unit 3 One Cristina Place Gloria Diaz Street, BF Resort Las Piñas, Philippines (See it on Google Maps)

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Photo from Hair Rehab Facebook

How'd you like my hair here? Should I keep my curls or go for a hair rebond next time?

How’d you like my hair here? Should I keep my curls or go for a hair rebond next time?