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I’ve been wanting to do the Korean “7-Skin Method” but have always put it off because I thought it was so time-consuming. Yes, this is despite the fact that I don’t mind doing the entire 10-Step Korean skincare routine from time to time 😂 But I was finally inspired to do it after watching @glowwithava do it herself in her IG stories last night 😁 And good thing I did because (1) it finally satisfied my curiosity and (2) I really liked how it made my skin look afterwards ❤️

I’ve always wondered why it was called the 7 “skin” method so I Googled it and learned that toners in Korea are also referred to as “skins”. So the 7-Skin Method is really just a 7-Toner Method. So you will layer your toner 7 times, with wait periods of about a minute in between each layer. This is supposed to make the skin absorb more of the toner’s hydrating ingredients. Given this, it is obviously best to use a hydrating toner for this method. And I chose to use the most hydrating toner I own: Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. Another popular toner used by others for this method is the Son&Park Beauty Water. Others also use essence toners or watery essences. I’ll try a different toner next time 😊

But for the 7-Skin Method using the Klairs Toner, I noticed that the results were very similar to when I use a really good hydrating sheet mask: dewy and bouncy skin that looks so refreshed and hydrated 😍😍😍 The 7-Skin Method, by itself, did not leave my skin feeling sticky. It did become a bit tacky, though, after I continued with the rest of my bedtime skincare routine: essence, serum, eye cream, and night cream. Just now I did it again just with a BB cream + finishing powder, and it did not make my skin sticky at all. So it’s definitely something you can do at daytime and/or bedtime 😃

Quick How-To:

1. Cleanse your face as per usual.
2. Apply your actives (if you are using any). In my case, I’ve been using the Cosrx 2-in-1 Poreless Power Liquid
3. Apply a layer of your chosen toner for the 7-Skin Method.
4. Wait for about a minute or until the toner is already absorbed by the skin.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you’ve applied 7 layers of the toner.
6. Seal everything in with a moisturizer, OR:
7. Continue with the rest of your typical skincare routine.

IMPORTANT: Do not use acids for this method. Also avoid toners with alcohol, as they could dry or irritate your skin.

Have you also already tried the 7-Skin Method? How did you like it? 😊